Interview with CAZ Art & Design

Interview with CAZ Art & Design


Article by: Geek Girl Critical Miss

Critical Miss got a chance to chat with local costumer and cosplayer Christina Zeigler of CAZ Art & Design...

Interview with CAZ Art & Design
Christina Zeigler as Medieval Lady | Photo: D.K. MacKinnon Photography

Critical Miss: I am here with Christina Zeigler of CAZ Art & Design, a very talented woman. What was your first foray into costuming?

Christina: My first time costuming was at Osgoode Medieval festival as a vendor 6 years ago.

CM: And what convinced you to take that step 6 years ago?

Christina: I have never missed a Halloween and always enjoyed making my own costumes. But this brought it to a whole new level for me. and to be able to immersed in such a fun weekend I could resist! So my first costume was made from re-purposed clothes I collected and curtains in my dining room.

CM: How long did it take you to make the items you brought to sell that first year?

Christina: My first year selling costumes and clothing took me months and months to build up and inventory, and sold the majority the first sale. It was the hook the pulled me in deeper!

Interview with CAZ Art & Design
Christina Zeigler as Red Riding Hood | Photo: Craig Bannerman Photography

CM: And now how much time to make the stuff for events?

Christina: It really depends on the event, and how much product I want to have, but it's is always months in advance. Like right now I'm working on projects for May and Inventory for June & July.

CM: So you also take on commissions, how does this factor in for you time wise?

Christina: Commissions always take priority over inventory, but sometimes I need to slip in a little personal project. Just to keeps things balanced. Commissions are not always something I would have chosen to make but I always enjoy the challenge they bring me. I typically give myself ample time before deadlines for commissions.

CM: What has been your favourite piece to work on, either for yourself or another person?

Christina: Oh gosh that is a hard question. So far, Maleficent is my favorite but each one has had triumphs and challenges.

Interview with CAZ Art & Design
Christina Zeigler as Maleficent | Photo: Richard Dufault

CM: What is your favourite material to work with?

Christina: SILK!!!! LOOOOOVE SILK!!

CM: And what is the least favourite?

Christina: Nothing particular, just anything that tends fray or fall apart before I can even get it through my serger.

CM: Any big projects on the horizon?

Christina: Two, I'm hoping to debut for Ottawa Comiccon, Princess Aslaug from Vikings and depending on material, the Evil Stepmother from the new Cinderella movie.

Interview with CAZ Art & Design
Costumes: CAZ Art & Design | Critical Miss & Retro Joad as Cersei & Tywin | Photo: Richard Dufault

CM: Nice. What words of wisdom do you have for budding seamstresses and costumers?

Christina: Keep trying new things research what you aren't sure about and if you can, find a mentor. There are soooo many things you can learn from someone who has been working at this longer. They can help you to finish quicker with fewer mistakes and explain the finishing details that make your end product amazing.

CM: Thank you so much Christina.

Interview with CAZ Art & Design
Christina Zeigler as Bombshell WW | Photo: D.K. MacKinnon Photography

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February 27 2015

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