Horror Movie Survival Guide Part 1: Objects

Horror Movie Survival Guide Part 1: Objects


Article by: Chrisscreama

Geek Girl Chirsscreama wrote up a few essential guides to surviving horror movie season for us. Here is the first part... Objects.

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1. Do not read ancient spooky books out loud, or at all, especially if it is in a dead language!

2. Do not play with Ouija boards, they are a gateway to the spirit world or in some cases hell! Same goes for mirrors, you can do without mirrors...

3. Keep a bunch of religions symbols on/with you (you never know if a vampire is like Jewish or something), just make sure you recognize the symbols, some artifacts are cursed.

4. Do not watch TV if it gives off a weird signal! You're safest, to just not have a TV.

5. Cellphones = useless, you're likely in an area that cant get reception. If you happen to use a phone, donít trust you know the person on the end, (more than likely it is not your lover, parents or cops).

6. Bring extra batteries and a first aid kit.

7. Never accept gifts from strangers and do not buy foreign plants or animals. And seriously avoid shopping on the black market!

8. Do not rob ancient burial grounds, museums ect, generally it is good not to steal from anyone.

9. Do not try to remove the killerís/monsterís mask.

10. Beware of strangers that bear tools such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers, staple guns, knifes and lawn mowers. Heck, donít even trust someone with a pencil.

11. Do not assume guns work, you need to be willing to use anything in your environment.

12. Do not play records, tapes etc. backwards.

13. If a toy looks like it moved it probably did, KILL IT!!

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October 12 2012

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