Top Ten Episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Top Ten Episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


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I love Star Trek. I am most definitely a trekkie and I love what Star Trek offers. Star Trek pushes boundaries in a lot of ways that other television shows just don't do. Deep Space Nine is my favourite of the different series' because of the over lapping story arcs for the actors, the recurring bad guys (Gul Dukat anyone?), a wonderful ensemble cast that is larger than most and work tremendously well together and the fact that they have fun and don't take themselves too seriously. Here are my ten favourite episodes with a few words on why.

Far Beyond the Stars - Season 6 Episode 538

This episode is a powerful one. Captain Sisko loses one of his friends to the Jem'Hadar attacks and he is feeling the strain of war. Over the course of the episode, Captain Sisko starts to hallucinate about a life he leads as Benny, a writer in the 50's. What I love about this episode are the strong emotions that the actors put forth, dealing with issues that are still present now, sadly. Star Trek has a habit of holding a mirror up to society and this episode is a prime example. The fact that society at that time won't accept a story about an African American captain on a space station is very reminiscent of how there is a lack of diversity and a lack of acceptance for that diversity in Hollywood today. Beautiful performances by the main cast getting to play characters other than what they normally play, amazing costumes and sets that really capture the time period and a script that leaves you wondering whether Benny or Benjamin is the true story.

You Are Cordially Invited - Season 6 Episode 531

Top Ten Episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

This episode has to be my favourite of my favourites. The wedding episode for Worf and Dax. There are hilarious moments with Worf and the boys during the Klingon "bachelor" party and we get to meet Martok's wife Sirella, a magnificent woman with no sense of humour and a bone to pick with Jadzia. It's a wonderful episode where we get to see Klingon traditions never before seen and some great strong scenes between Sirella and Jadzia. And don't forget those jaw droppingly beautiful wedding outfits that Retro Joad and I will someday recreate.

Through the Looking Glass - Season 3 Episode 466

This is the second mirror universe (MU) episode for DS9 and it is a good one. First off, I'd like to say that the Intendant (mirror Kira Nerys) is one of my favourite characters on the show. She is powerful, sexy, completely sure of herself and her costume is killer (also on my to-do list lol). I always love any MU episode because of her. However this episode also boats a few other surprises, most notably an appearance from MU Tuvok from Voyager. He is part of the Rebellion along with Bashir, O'Brien and Dax who also has 'interesting' relationship with the other Sisko. Benjamin does get some lovely scenes with his wife's MU counterpart, and he gets some much needed closure.

Our Man Bashir - Season 4 Episode 482

This is such a fabulous episode. Based on the 60's spy flicks of Bond, "Our Man Flint" and others, this show is a great romp that the regular actors of the show get to have fun playing a completely different character. These are always my favourite (like Far Beyond the Stars mentioned above). The whole design of the show is amazing as well, costumes, hair, music and sets all complete this wonderful episode. There is a transporter accident that ends up with Sisko, Kira, Worf and Dax's patterns being stored in the stations memory. The place where they end up is in Bashir's spy holosuite programme. Julian and Garek always play exceedingly well off each other and the four that get stored in the programme are hilarious at playing their various roles. Another little plus to this episode is that Rom gets to prove his worth by saving the officers. Great fun all around and the world gets revisited in a later episode.

Trials and Tribble-ations Season 5 Episode 503

This episode is brilliant in so many ways. What a great way to bring back an actor from the original series and to have the cast get put into that classic episode. The splicing of the episode is exceedingly well done and the humour is fantastic. If you haven't seen this episode (that is also the 30th anniversary episode) you need to go watch it right now.

Facets - Season 3 Episode 471

I have come to realize that my preferred episodes are the ones where the actors get to play other people. And this one is no exception. Facets brings us the discovery of Jadzia's past hosts, where she asks her friends on the station to participate in a Trill ceremony that allows to meet her hosts and come to grips with who they are and what they have given her. Hilarious moments ensue when Quark is asked to embody Audrid, a female and when Sisko is most definitely threatening as Joran. However the greatest one has to be when Odo brings to life the well mentioned Curzon. Auberjenois' performance is wonderful, melding the two personalities in a way that makes me sad that that character can't continue on as well as Odo (who I adore).

Second Skin - Season 3 Episode 451

Top Ten Episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Kira wakes up and she is a Cardassian. Possibly her worst fear imaginable. This episode is so powerful because you are completely immersed in this Cardassian household with a man who is convinced that Kira is his daughter. The scenes between Nana Visitor and Lawrence Pressman (Tekeny Ghemor) are just lovely, seeing the love he has for his lost daughter and the eventual love that Kira finds for this man, a Cardassian, is truly lovely. Wonderful acting all around. Now she looked amazing as her most hated alien nemesis, but a bit of trivia here, Nana Visitor is actually extremely claustrophobic so the Cardassian makeup was torturous, "I was a prisoner" she said about it.

Sons of Mogh - Season 4 Episode 487

This episode is heartbreaking. Worf's brother Kurn arrives on the station asking Worf to perform Mauk-to'Vor , a ritual where Worf has to kill his brother to return his honour so that he may enter Sto-Vo-Kor. Worf's family had been disgraced and shuned from the council so Kurn has nowhere to go. They try having him work for station security and it just doesn't work. Through a collection of other incidents that happen, Worf comes to the decision to have Bashir wipe Kurn's memory and get him a new identity with a family friend. The performances of Michael Dorn and Tony Todd are not to be missed.

In The Pale Moonlight - Season 6 Episode 543

This episode is an interesting one. I love the direction in that Sisko is actually talking directly to the camera while recording a personal log about a series of events that lead the Romulans joining forces with the Federation in the Dominion War. This whole episode is about Sisko coming to terms with agreeing to use Garek's questionable methods. Avery Brooks is great in the episode and I adore Andrew J. Robinson as Garek. Wonderful scenes between the two of them make this episode a top ten.

Children of Time - Season 5 Episode 520

Top Ten Episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

This is such a beautiful episode. A must watch, time travel and sacrifice, this is the episode that Odo's feelings are revealed to Kira with grave circumstances. Wonderful and poignant acting by Auberjenois and definitely a bitter sweet ending to the episode.

As I was going through the series I realized how many of the episodes that I loved, so I believe that I will have to write a second list at some point to get them all in. Thanks for reading :)

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January 29 2015

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