D-Piddy Interview

D-Piddy Interview


Interview by: Leen Isabel

His videos have gone viral on reddit and have been featured on io9 and Kotaku. D-Piddy, as he's known online, has created several dance montage videos with his cosplaying peers and doesn't show any signs of stopping. Geek Girls has tracked him to ask him a few questions...

Geek Girl Leen Isabel with D-Piddy

Hello D-Piddy! Mr. Deadpool himself! You're quite a hard mercenary to track down, so we're honored to have you at Geek Girls for your very first interview! inb4 everyone!

We're all fans here of your famous dance videos and even one of our Geek Girl members have been featured in them! Tell us, what inspired you to start this? Well, I started cosplaying Deadpool around 2007 (I think), and it's been the most fun I've ever had in costume when attending the cons. Up until 2011, I ONLY cosplayed as Deadpool. As much fun as I was having, I eventually got tired of wearing it, and I wanted to work on some new costumes. That, and because of Marvel vs Capcom 3, I tend to see Deadpool cosplayers everywhere now, so I thought it was about time I did something else… so I retired it.

But earlier this year, my friends suckered me to wear it again at FanimeCon, and I said "okay, LAST TIME." Then I came up with the idea to record it, because, why not? I won't be wearing this anymore, it would be nice to have some memories. But yeah, I did not expect the kind of feedback I got. I thought the whole "viral" thing was pretty cool, so I did another… and another… and then next thing you know I have fans from other countries telling me how much they love my videos and wanna marry me. Plus, it's pretty fun making shooting and editing them.


Do you guide people how to dance or do they usually just follow along with whatever you come up with? Depending on the character, I would try and figure out if I can do something that relates to the series they're from. For instance, I saw a Goku at Anime Expo, and asked him if he wanted to do the fusion dance… and when I saw Ash Ketchum, I asked him to throw his pokeball at me. But when my yellow boxes fail and I can't think of anything, I just give them a dance move to follow, unless they have something else they want to do.

By the way, you're a great dancer! It looks like you know how to break dance? Why, yes! I do know how to broke dance.

Ok, I've got to know. What's with the "Hentai" Red Ranger? What's his story? He's actually a personal friend of mine's! I've known him for a really long time. Sure, he may seem like a total creeper under that Red Ranger costume (well, he kind of is actually), but really, he's a pretty cool guy to chill with. And yeah, he's a dancer too.


Out of all the amazing people you've danced with, which cosplayer/person was the most memorable? I forgot his name, but he was dressed up as a Jabbawockee at Anime Expo. I saw him dancing in the middle of the hall, and decided to join in. We ended up having a pretty fun battle. Then, I saw him the next day in this huge dance circle, and I joined him and a couple of his friends. Good times!

Who gave you the hardest time? There was this group of Power Rangers I wanted in my Comic-Con video, and they went up to me and started dancing, but this assneck of a dude just came out of nowhere and said they couldn't do videos. I guess he was their manager or something? Oh, and for those who don't know, an assneck is that part of skin between your buttonhole and ball sack.


Have you ever met your creator? Mr. Rob Liefeld himself? You really ought to dance with him. I haven't met Rob. I was actually looking for him at Comic-Con. I saw his artist table, but there was this "be back around 5:45" sign on the desk. I showed up at that exact time, but he never showed up. I actually wrote I note saying "Deadpool was here, holler 'atcha boy" and even left my personal phone number. I guess he never got it. Hopefully I'll get the chance to see him at Comikaze Expo

How about it? You think we can see a Deadpool vs. Geek Girls video soon? Sure! Why not. Geek Girls are awesome, and I'm always down to get my groove on with sexy nerds.

So that our readers can keep an eye out for you, can you tell us which conventions to you plan to attend next? This year… Comikaze Expo, and depending if I can work around my schedule, NYCC or Yaoi Con.

Well, the internet is happy to hear that D-Piddy didn't retire the suit. :) Geek Girls salutes you, sir! And let the shenanigans continue!

To find more on D-Piddy, visit his Facebook page & You Tube!

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Interview by: Leen Isabel

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September 16 2012

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