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I started playing magic the gathering way back when I was in high school it was brand new and me and a few friends decided to give it a try. I didn't stay with it through the years but every time I see it pop up in video game format I give it a try. It's game presence in my opinion has been pretty lack luster. However, this new installment has given me hope.

The game itself costs nothing. However, to get the single player campaigns (and thus opening up the only way to make gold) you do need to spend at least a little money. When I signed up the Campaigns were half price but i decided to put in $20 that gave me enough to buy all the campaigns and leave me enough to get a couple of booster packs.

Playing through the campaigns is pretty fun, but the missions are all pretty similar. As you progress you unlock a few cards and gain some experience to level up your planewalker. As your planewalker levels up you get some additional bonuses or abilities to assist you as you battle through the campaigns and other planewalkers. In addition to the standard missions you can do daily missions, these are represented by a blue pin on the map and can be played day after day to get a few gold coins each (after completing all of the available campaigns you can do these each day to get a total of about 10 gold).

Playing other people is where I think the game shines, pitting your deck build against another person gives you a reason to want to get the best cards and spend time optimizing your deck (I have setup probably 5 different decks, testing different colors). Since my initial purchase I have bought 3 additional booster packs.

In addition to the booster packs you can buy/sell cards from the action house using gold. Common cards can sell for as little as a few gold while rarer cards can sell for over a thousand.

Overall this game has been far more entertaining than I thought it would be. I have been playing it for about a month now, although recently I have just been doing my daily grind to get the gold. I still have a few cards to get before I will be happy with my deck to where I will try enter tournaments (placing in them gives you rare cards).

Visuals: 7
Gameplay: 8
Fun: 8
Story: 4
Originality: 7
Time: NA
Overall: 7

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Mar 22 2011

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