Harry Potter & Hermione Article

Harry Potter & Hermione Article


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Recently JK Rowling said that Hermione should have ended up with Harry and that she made a mistake. I am not a fan of this theory. This is my opinion from my observations based on the books not the films...

Harry Potter & Hermione Article
"Happy Birthday, Harry" art by: Amy Elizabeth

I believe it makes sense for Hermione to end up with Ron rather than Harry.  The tension between Ron and Hermione lead the readers to expect them to end up together, from the early on when dating becomes a part of life Hermione and Ron are jealous of each other's significant others.  However, this is not the solid reason. Little things here and there, reactions, actions, and basic character personality an deep down who the characters are is the factor that leans me in the direction of Rowling was right to end with Ron with Hermione and Harry with Ginny.  

Ron loves Hermione and how smart she is, she does not come out and say he loves her but he is always telling her or side commenting about how brilliant she is.  He is the youngest of many brothers, so being with a beautiful brilliant girl is something that would be a dream come true for Ron.  Hermione loses her family for a significant amount of time, and even when she gets them back they are still not a part of the wizarding world as she is and her children will be. Like Harry, she has adopted the Weaslys as her family in the magical world. Both Ron and Harry have been her best friends but while things are relatively uneventful with Harry, Ron and Hermione are passionate enough with each other to fight about even the stupid things.

There is also a level of comfort Hermione could receive from Ron. Sure he seems to have 'the emotional range of a tee spoon' and the 'sensitivity of a blunt axe' but Harry is the best friend who is famous with the crazy life, cray surrounds him, and it is partly his fault she lost her parents to begin with.  It is more logical to seek the comfort of someone stable that is not 'all about him' and that the entire world is not 'all about him.' Hermione is her own star just a quieter star than Harry. Ron sees her that way, Harry does not. Harry needs to be the center of the universe, he has to make the choices, he has to be the chosen one that has been his role for his entire life and that mindset will never just turn off. With that Hermione, as brilliant as she is would, as his wife, face into the background. With Ron she will shine. 

In the choice between the guy who sees her as amazing hands down amazing and the guy who thinks she is smart and a tremendous help but he is the chosen one, the important one, can do everything on his own, etc, Ron again becomes a better choice of companion.  Harry admires Hermione's brain but thinks he is pretty close to her level, Ron thinks she is a goddess for it. Harry tries continuously to keep up with Hermione or outdo Hermione where as Ron does not. He is used to being one of so many siblings, he recognizes that he is not her and is ok to take on the roll of a relationship that puts her on a pedestal, he understands to an extent how that works in family and life.  Harry's experience of family is he is better than his aunt, uncle, and cousin. It takes an understanding of family and what your place was in a family to find a good match.  

Harry's lack of family also guide's him towards the Weasly's as a secondary family but he is still the special one the chosen one.  Ginny as part of that family has been worshiping him since she was a child. This intrigued him which is why when she backed off and no longer cared to idolize him he fell for her. He was intrigued, he likes the challenge and the feistiness of Ginny. Ginny won't let him be the only one that is special all of the time and she is capable of being the pure Gryffindor extrovert. She will never face into anyone's shadow, she will keep him going and challenged until the day he dies.  Hermione, however, was a Hatstall. The hat was not sure of Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.  She has strength and courage but it is connected to her brain and brilliance not to boldness as Ginny's is. When Harry calls Hermione the brightest witch of her age she is humber, and possibly a bit surprised, it makes her feel good, and Harry does acknowledge this, however Ron shouts it from the rooftops. Sometimes I feel Hermione needs the extra bit of self esteem and she wants it for her mind not for her bravery or for her looks and Ron gives that to her constantly not just sometimes.  

Hermione also never hero worshiped Harry as Ginny did. Harry has a bit of a hero complex and Ginny has no problem showing him up a couple of times, she is a logical match for him-and not only that, he is absolutely and completely in love with Ginny as we see from their first kiss 'Harry kissed her. After several long moments, or it might have been half an hour-or possibly several sunlit days.' Several sunlit days is pretty big for Harry who spends most of his time losing his mind over the Dark Lord and being the chosen one, there is not a moment when that all goes away for him when he is with anyone aside from the stolen moments with Ginny. With Hermione they are close, they are friends, but the majority of the time it has been all business, all plans.

In the end Heromione needs the adoring husband Ron has the potential to be, Harry needs the feisty wife to keep him on his toes, and both Harry and Hermione needed to officially be part of the Weasly family after years of being unofficial parts of the family. 

It comes down to that deep down Hermione needs to be the center of someone's universe and Harry needs someone a bit more feisty and will never fade quietly into the background.  Ginny is not a stronger character than Hermione, Ron is not a better character than Harry. It has nothing to do with who is better etc. It comes down to what each character individually needs and how the spouses they ended up with fulfill those needs and complete them as characters.

Not to mention in book four when they take what is most precious to Harry it is Ron not Hermione, signifying that his bond of friendship with Ron and stronger than that with Hermione which is not a particularly great way to start a relationship within a friendship, as Ron is the more precious friendship to him up until the final book when we lose Ron for a little bit-there is only a slight shift there, by the time he comes back Ron is back to being Harry's friend of more value. 

Harry Potter & Hermione Article
"R and Her - No secret anymore" art by: Lilly

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November 04 2014

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