Kickstarter Round Up: August 7th - August 14th, 2014

Kickstarter Round Up: August 7th - August 14th, 2014


Geek Girls rounds up our favorite Kickstarter projects currently running right now on the web. Find creator-owned and crowdfunded projects made by geeks just like you!


2015 Girls of Geek Calendar and Event Sponsorship

"Girls of Geek is a community of real geeky women who empower each other while promoting local businesses and events. We are cosplayers, web designers, video game freaks, comic geeks uniting to promote the geek community!

Girls of Geek has a yearly calendar focused on beautiful geeky women showing what being a geek is really about! The calendar showcases all things geeky from video games, mobile devices, computers, gaming, comic books and everything geeky in-between! "

Fellow geeky gals raising money for charity? Yes, please! These fantastic women will be raising money to create fun rewards including a calendar, wristband, trading card, prints and more. Portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of their choice.


Imperfect - Comic Book Series

"Eve is a loner with extraordinary powers. When a war between powerful forces threatens the world, Eve must find the strength to change. ... Eve can create avatars. They are five individuals that can go out and experience the world for her: her parents, her best friend, the boy she loves and the girl she resents. Eve can't control the Avatars-- they have a mind of their own. But they've found a way to work together... to become a family."

Creators, Al Letson, Pier Brito and Ron Hubbard bring this facinating comic book series to Kickstarter. The money raised will go towards printing four issues and creating rewards for their backers.


Valor: Fairy tale comic anthology about courageous heroines

""Valor" is a comic anthology that pays homage to the strength, resourcefulness, and cunning of female heroines in fairy tales."

This project is a comic anthology featuring re-imagined fairy tales by talented digital comic artists. The book will have a total of 17 stories and illustrated prose. You can follow the development of these stories through the Valor Anthology Tumblr page.


The Science Deck Playing Cards

"The Science Deck is a custom deck inspired by itís four main fields of study, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Technology which will be printed United States Printing Card Company. (USPCC) It features important elements and discoveries in science as well as important scientists presented in a subtle, sleek, blueprint format, featuring a grey background for ease to read, understand and enjoy. The deck is artistic, educational and most importantly playable."


Ladies of Power Calendar

"A charity calendar project for female empowerment in the forms of strength, beauty, and sexuality."

Another calendar project on the list! This one presents a theme of female empowerment through cosplay. All models featured are alt models, burlesque performers, LGBT, and more! They write, "beauty and power come in all forms and it's not something you typically see in mainstream media and even in niche circles like nerd communities and that's a shame. Beauty is subjective and we want to provide a product that caters to many different beauty and power ideals other than what is currently on the market."

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