Interview with Transformers Artist Sarah Stone

Interview with Transformers Artist Sarah Stone


Interview by: Geek Girl Critical Miss

At this year's TFCon, I was fortunate to have a chat with Sarah Stone, artist for the brand new Transformers comic Windblade featuring a newly created female Transformer. Her art is beautiful and it's a great series so far. I highly recommend this comic. What follows is a transcript of the recorded interview I had with her.

Interview with Transformers Artist Sarah Stone
(Photo by Geek Girl Critical Miss)

Critical Miss: I'm here with Sarah Stone, currently one of the artists for Transformers Windblade. My first question for you is when did you first know you wanted to be an artist?

Sarah Stone: Since I was a little kid, I originally had a dream to work on comics, but I kinda wanted to work on animation, and eventually I fell in love with Disney movies and stuff like that and I wanted to be an animator, then I sort of discovered through schooling that I didn't have the patience for animation so I went into concept art and sequentials and stuff like that.

Interview with Transformers Artist Sarah Stone

CM: What was your first professional job?

SS: My first professional job was working on mobile games. I did a mobile version of The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Fun stuff, I worked in games for about, I guess maybe, eight years.

CM: Who is your favourite character to draw?

SS: That's hard. Right now I'm really having fun drawing Starscream and Blurr.

CM: Nice. Your Starscream is pretty awesome.

SS: He's fun (laughing)

CM: Where do you get your inspiration from when you're drawing?

SS: Oh gosh, so many places. I just feel like there are tons of really good illustrators around right now and I get constantly inspired by them, but gosh it's hard to pick names.

CM: You're just inspired in general by these people?

SS: Yeah, my peers and stuff like that, they are constantly putting out awesome things and it's really inspiring.

CM: Is there a storyline or character that you have an ultimate wish to work on professionally that you would love to take on out of Transformers?

SS: I really love Mass Effect and I would love to do a Mass Effect comic, I know that's not going to happen but you know (laughing).

CM: Well you never know (laughing) that would be cool, and have you done any fan art for Mass Effect?

SS: I have, not as much as I wanted to because I was super busy at the time I was playing it, so I didn't have an outlet, and then I got really busy again, but it's something that I still really want to do.

Interview with Transformers Artist Sarah Stone

CM: Do you feel like there is any pressure of being a woman in a still very heavily male dominated profession?

SS: I do feel like there's a bit of pressure but I think everybody feels pressure so it's hard for me to compare, so I'm not really sure.

CM: Do you have anything that you would want to say to other female artists, any words on inspiration for them that want to get into the biz?

SS: Just do it, don't fear it, just go for it. You know, someday, it will be a point where it's not a big deal anymore and that's just what I'm hoping for when it's a female artist, it's not a big thing, it's just totally normal. The only way we can do that it to get more and more people to do it.

Interview with Transformers Artist Sarah Stone
(Photo by Mark Legault)

CM: Do you have any final words that you would like to add for Geek X Girls?

SS: Oh gosh no, I just want to thank everybody for the support and the interest and I've had a wonderful time at the con (TFCon).

CM: Thank you so much and I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me today

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July 24 2014

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