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Princess Nightmare let us know about her awesome stuff she sells in her Etsy store...
Well...what started as Doctor Who shoes has now grown into customizable fandom 'stuff'.

I had so many questions about so many different things that I thought I would expand. I am still doing the original Doctor Who shoes and mini hats, I have also added in Harry Potter mini hats to the mini hat collection.  I have been working on shoes for Harry Potter, The Avengers, and so much more. All of these or anything else you can think of are now part of my 'custom fandom shoe'  service with the new addition of custom fandom bags and other bags in general.  I have also added in the possibility to add a full crystal heel or platform to a shoe or just buy a shoe with a crystal heel in the color of your choosing.  There are a lot of people who do shoes with crystal heels so it might sound silly but I found buying shoes from other sellers many of them use crystals that are large so to speak. In doing this there are gaps between the stones on the heels. I also notices a lot of people use glitter or paint filler in logos or fandom symbols on all different sorts of accessories. Because of this I use the smallest crystals I can work with to make sure what you buy from me is all crystal no filler and NO GLITTER! Glitter causes a mess!  Many people doing similar items use a paint or glitter background/fill to save on stones, or use bigger stones and leave gaps. I can't stand that. I have also done a shoe recently that I definitely overdid. It has a full fire heel so if worn while walking in the light the shine from it is incredible, as well as with flash photography. I used a mix of ten different crystals of varying color and size. It is something I plan to work on listing for sale in different price ranges, having it be all one color or multiple colors, etc.

I am also adding cosplay shoes and boots somewhere into this mix down the line, I have already started working on my own Elsa shoes so I will have photos of them added to my new website as well soon.

Along with this I have recently added clutch purses. This is the newest and for me, I think, best addition to my collection of sparkly things. These are things I can do as one of a kind or few of a kind items without having to worry about different shoe sizes and complications that causes. I can't even choose a favorite of the ones I have done so far. But I am also having fun translating the Game of Thrones house sigils on bags upon custom requests, other iconic beloved symbols, as well as some other things I have done with color changing stones which always look stunning. The first bag I did as a test was a Snitch from Harry Potter. That I got to be more creative with so I really enjoyed doing that one. I used a mixture of color and sizes of stones I had from other projects I was working on and I think it turned out beautifully.  Doctor Who of course is always a great inspiration for accessories. As are strong symbols from many other fanbases that I have had requests for.

In order to be able to sell in all different price ranges some bags I have gone back to the doctor who theme with crystal quotes on bags Union Jack bags. I premiered these for Steampunk World's Faire which is a lot earlier than my intention which was New York Comicon in October. For now, I am going to be putting these up on facebook and instagram. Basically I will post it and if someone wants it be the first to message me  through facebook or e-mail because I am not making these in bulk I am making....whatever comes to mind. Anything that does not sell quickly will be put onto my website in the future or taken to conventions.  And I am happy to take commissions for anything and everything.  The prices are high, the materials are expensive and there is an extreme amount of work that goes into these bags but I am hoping that they are appreciated. I like to make special things. 

The final part of this is the 'bigger and better' part. I love to do this and I have been doing this for years for myself, so I am relatively good at this. I have done bigger and more complex designs in the past such as Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn's face on a bag. This is not something I would do again without his permission, this was a project I did on my own and we spoke about in advance-The same holds for any artist-I am more than happy to take on projects like this, for favorite characters-I am available to commission them just keep in mind a portrait of a character is expensive, there are a lot of stones involved and it is not always easy to find a bag with a hard surface to work on in the size wanted or needed for a portrait to be accurate. 

I am easy to find on etsy on facebook for custom design. And hope to hear from people with great ideas or great love of their fandoms!

I am most often approached to do weddings, and I do custom bridal shoes both just through me and with a bridal shop I work with, however it was never my intention to only do bridal. My 'vision' in all of this was to do what I do best-be an extremely girly nerd. 

So for any geeks who want to sparkle (for any occasion or no occasion at all)...come visit! Tell me what you want and I will do my very best!!

I am also doing a fundraiser for my NYCC booth, it is the first year that I am working on something that is all my own company and hopefully NYCC will be my jumping off point for this. Please check it out at Indiegogo.

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June 13 2014

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