Danny Elfman / Tim Burton Concert Review

Danny Elfman / Tim Burton Concert Review


Article by: Geek Girl Zelda

Geek Girl Zelda recently had the opportunity to attend 'Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton' at the Nokia Theater.
Living in Los Angeles often has it's perks, as we were once again reminded this Halloween – the once in a lifetime performance of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton's movie soundtracks (with full orchestra) was recently hosted here. Originally the show was meant to only be on Halloween, but the tickets sold out so quickly, that 2 additional nights were added due to demand.

Danny Elfman Tim Burton Concert Review

For those who aren't familiar with Danny Elfman's work, he is best known for being the vocalist of the 80's band Oingo Boingo. After Oingo Boingo, he went on to compose soundtracks, starting with the bizarre black and white cult classic Forbidden Zone (which was directed by his brother Richard Elfman, also in attendance at this show). Since then he has composed for dozens of movies, including all of Tim Burton's work. In addition to scoring the soundtracks to Burton's films, he was also the voice of Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas. This show was the first time in over 18 years that Danny Elfman had taken the stage to perform, and it was to sing Nightmare Before Christmas!

Danny Elfman Tim Burton Concert Review
Image source: Los Angeles Magazine

The stage show consisted of a full orchestra (theremin included) which featured many of the musicians who performed on the original soundtracks, as far back as 28 years and 15 movies to Peewee's Big Adventure. There was also a choir and several guest performers, including Catherine O'Hara singing Sally's parts from Nightmare Before Christmas (she was also in Beetlejuice!). The performance focused very much on the musical aspect, with only supplemental video tracks in the background with movie clips and Tim Burton's original concept art. The audience was an odd mashup of people dressed in full theater attire, Oingo Boingo shirts, Halloween costumes and Beetlejuice cosplays – so many Beetlejuice cosplays in one place, including myself!

Danny Elfman Tim Burton Concert Review
Geek Girl Zelda as Beetlejuice at the concert

The set list had original music from the scores of Peewee's Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Big Fish, Dark Shadows, Corpse Bride, Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland, Frankenweenie, Mars Attacks, and more. The music was all spectacularly performed and a very emotional experience to hear such iconic, nostalgic songs performed live and with such energy and passion.

At the end of the show, to everyone's surprise, Tim Burton made his first and only appearance on stage. And who better to spend your Halloween night with than fellow weirdos Danny Elfman and Tim Burton!

Danny Elfman Tim Burton Concert Review

Danny Elfman talking about the concert:

Nightmare Before Christmas 'Jack's Lament' song:

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November 05 2013

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