The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy

The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy


The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy

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The Sky:  The Art of Final Fantasy

In 2001, There was a 4 book (5 if you count the flip book) Art book set released in Japan featuring Amano's conceptual artwork for Final Fantasy I-X.

Keep in mind, Amano's involvement with FF started to drop off between VI (That's FF 3 for you old school SNES people) and VII.

This set has become very rare, and very expensive.

Just take a look at what it goes for on Ebay. (Also note, this seller has many out of print Japanese art books and he usually has a good image selection to give you an idea what you're getting into)

It looks like this book is getting a reprint in North America by Dark Horse (though please don't hold us to it that it will be 100% identical) and it seems to be getting the same premium treatment the original version got.

The best part is, the interviews, etc will be in English, and it's not going to cost you $500 US. is offering this at an insanely low pre-order price of $85 with Free super saver shipping.

If the North American release is identical to the Japanese version, this is definitely THE DEFINITIVE Amano Final Fantasy collection.

The amazon page does not do this incredible art book justice. Also Amazon apparently doesn't know how to count either. They list it as 780 pages when even dark horse has it listed at 800, AND if you total the pages they provide it equals 800... (note: 96 pages are of a flip-book.... how can you resist a reversible 96 page flip-book featuring a moogle and something else on the other side)

If you love us, and are looking to get this. Click here to pre-order it on amazon. It is the best price by far right now. BUY IT HERE

The Sky:  The Art of Final Fantasy

The Sky:  The Art of Final Fantasy

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June 4 2011

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